Athanor Capital was founded by Parvinder Thiara in 2017. A select group of institutional investors has entrusted us with over $1.5Bn in capital. We have a high-quality team of more than twenty-five people across our New York and Atlanta offices.




At Athanor, every journey begins with a question - why? Why does the market value one asset, company, or commodity over another? Next comes the what - what does it mean? What assumptions are being made, what can we test, what data and systems can we use to unpack these views and in turn, form a thesis? Spotting discrepancies in the narrative that the market presents to us is our signal to dig deep and act on the anomaly.


Ours is a process of continuous refinement and expansion; we go out into the world in search of certain indications, signals, and hard data, informed by conversations with farmers to salespeople on the shop floor, we bring our observations from out in the field back into our ecosystem, and set about systematizing these findings.


We build in-house proprietary systems to extract meaningful data points to inform investing decisions. Over 75% of our investment and risk teams actively code. This leads to the active exchange of ideas and methodologies that continuously make our systems more robust.


Strategy and Process.

Utilize the traditional tools of macroeconomic analysis to identify and exploit relative value inefficiencies;

Top-down, hypothesis-driven idea generation approach;

Scientific and research-intensive bottom-up and fundamental analysis.

Risk Management.

Multifaceted, rigorous approach to portfolio and operational risk management;

Position limits, drawdown triggers and management framework, and scenario loss limits are important tools in the risk management process.


Investment Focus.

Focus on mispricings across liquid markets and asset classes;

Multidisciplinary relative value trading style aims to achieve returns with low correlation;

Emphasis on single-name equities, commodities, interest rates, liquid credit, and FX.


Open and fair treatment of investors;

Commitment to the highest level of ethical conduct;

Excellence in Investor Relations.