One of Athanor's guiding principles is its unwavering belief in the individual. Each team member has been brought in to the fold not just for their singular abilities, but for the uniqueness of their perspective. This cultivated diversity directly contributes to our unique approach to investing, and enriches the broader culture across the firm.


Yes, there are the Ivy league degrees, Fortune 500 experience, and select scientific discoveries amongst us, but even more importantly, each person has walked a path different to the colleague to whom they sit next. The languages spoken in the team hits double digits. We have comic book buffs, die-hard football (or soccer) fans, members of the team that know who Hedi Slimane is and others that don’t - but that do know their way around a heavy metal festival.



of our staff are

Minority or Women

Collaboration drives us each onwards, but we never lose sight of the differences that allow us to think and act differently, with meaning, for maximum impact.


We push ourselves not only when it comes to investing, but also lay it all on the line when it comes to team activities. When you come into our headquarters, you’ll be met by one of our prized possessions - the humble ping pong table. Many a score has been settled here, with reputations made and lost. Ping pong coaches have been known to come in and sharpen the teams’ skills. Examples of previous activities can be found below.

Sherlock Holmes inspired 'Hunt' through Grand Central Station

Bring your kids to work day

Bespoke ice cream making

Laser Tag

Escape the Room

Boating across the Hudson


Every month the firm gathers together over salads (or pizza) to learn about the latest developments at Athanor. A guiding principle is transparency, and these Monthly Team Lunches cultivate an open dialogue across the company, allowing all to share in the latest, exciting developments. 

If you're intrigued by what we're building here, we'd like to hear from you.

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